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Asthma Technology of Patient Experience (Asthma TyPE)

Name of Questionnaire

Asthma TyPE (Technology of Patient Experience)


A disease-specific health-related quality of life instrument designed for use with adults to assess both the effect of asthma on quality of life l and the severity of common symptoms of asthma and of the medication frequently used to treat it. It includes three items to distinguish between extrinsic and intrinsic asthma.


K Blumenschein, M Johannesson


Not reported.

Number of items

Not reported.

Domains & categories (#)

Not reported.

Name of categories/domains

Asthma Effects on Quality of Life, Symptoms from asthma, Bronchitis symptoms, Intensity of treatment , Allergy index

Scaling of items

Not described


Detail not provided. Higher score indicates poorer quality of life


a. Test-Retest/Reproducibility:

Not Reported

b. Internal Consistency:

Not Reported


Established by comparing to scores for health state utilities (quality adjusted life year weights utilizing rating scale, standard gamble, and time trade off methods),a generic HRQL measure (SF-36), and a contingent valuation method willingness to pay scale. 1


Not reported

Research Use


Clinical Use

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  1. Blumenschein K & Johannesson M. Relationship between quality of life instruments, health state utilities, and willingness to pay in patients with asthma. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 1998; 80:189-94.

Date of information

July 2004

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