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Childhood Asthma Questionnaires

Name of Questionnaire

Childhood Asthma Questionnaire


There are three separate pediatric asthma scales grouped under this heading. The CAQ-A is designed for children aged 4-7, the CAQ-B for children 8-11, and the CAQ-C for children 12-16. All three versions tap quality of life and the level of distress caused by the disease. Responses are in the form of "smiley" faces, and the questionnaires are completed, at least for younger children, with the help of the parent.


DJ French


DJ French
Department of Psychology
University of Western Australia
Nedlands, WA 6907
Fax: 61-8-9180


Cost & Availability

Contact DJ French.


Self, with help from parent as needed

Time to complete

10-15 minutes

Number of items

CAQ-A: 14 items

CAQ-B: 23 items

CAQ-C: 41 items

Domains & categories

CAQ-A: 2 domains

CAQ-B: 4 domains

CAQ-C: 5 domains

Name of categories/domains

CAQ-A: quality of life, distress

CAQ-B: active quality of life, passive quality of life, distress, severity

CAQ-C: active quality of life, teenage quality of life, distress, severity, reactivity

Scaling of items

CAQ-A: 4-point scale of smiley faces

CAQ-B, CAQ-C: 5-point scale of smiley faces


In each form, the happiest face scores the highest number and the most unhappy face receives the lowest score.


a. Test-retest/reproducibility Reported 1
b. Internal consistency Not reported


Discriminant validity demonstrated through different scores for asthmatic and non-asthmatic children 1 .


Not reported

Minimally important difference

Not determined.

Research use

Not reported.

Clinical use

Not reported.


Original: English


  1. French DJ, Christie MJ, Sowden AJ. The reproducibility of the Childhood Asthma Questionnaires: measures of quality of life for children with asthma aged 4-16 years. Qual Life Res 1994;3:215-24.
  2. Christie MJ, French D, Sowden A, West A. Development of child-centered disease-specific questionnaires for living with asthma. Psychosom Med 1993;55:541-8.

Date of information

March 1999

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