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Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire [Marks']

Name of Questionnaire

Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (Marks')


Self-administered questionnaire intended for use with adults. Respondents are asked to describe how troubling particular items have been over the past four weeks. Covers both physical and emotional impact. Should not be confused with measure of the same name developed by Juniper and colleagues.


GB Marks


Dr. Guy B. Marks
Department of Medicine RPAH C39
University of Sydney
NWS 2006 Australia



Cost & availability



Not reported.

Time to complete

Not reported.

Number of items

Not reported.

Domains & categories (#)

Not reported.

Name of categories/domains

Breathlessness and physical restrictions, mood disturbance, social disruption, and concerns for health

Scaling of items



Not reported.


a. Test-retest / reproducibility: Reported 2
b. Internal consistency: Reported 2 , 4


Significant correlations between markers of severity (FEV1, PD20FEV1, number of asthma medications) and AQLQ subscale and total scores 4.


Sufficient for clinical trials

Minimally important difference

Not reported.

Research Use

Not reported.

Clinical Use

Not reported.


Original: English (Australian)

Translation: Spanish3


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