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Functional Living Index - Cancer

Name of Questionnaire

Functional Living Index-Cancer (FLIC)


Cancer-specific, functionally-oriented quality of life instrument.


H Schipper, J Clinch, A McMurray, M Levitt


Harvey Schipper, M.D.
World Health Organization
Collaborating Centre for Quality of Life in Cancer Care
St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre
351 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2H 2A6
Fax: (204) 235-1231


Not available


Not available

Cost & availability

Contact H Schipper for permission



Time to complete

<10 minutes

Number of items


Domains & categories


Name of categories/domains

Physical well-being and ability, emotional state, sociability, family situation, nausea

Scaling of items

Linear analogue scale


Overall score obtained by summation of scores for each question. Higher score indicates better quality of life.


a. Test-retest/reproducibility Not reported
b. Internal consistency Reported1


Factor analysis consistent across three different cancer populations2. Concurrent validation studies with Karnofsky, Beck Depression, Spielberger State and Trait Anxiety, and Katz Activities of Daily Living scales, and the scaled version of The General Health Questionnaire and the McGill/Melzack Pain Index2. Accounted for a high percentage of the sample variance by principal components1. Convergent-discriminant validity shown with independent measures of symptoms and anxiety1.


Not reported

Minimally important difference

Not reported

Research use

Reported - lung cancer surgical adjuvant trials3, hydrazine sulfate in newly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer4, comparison of quality of life for best supportive care vs. best supportive care plus chemotherapy5, single-drug chemotherapy in poor-prognosis non-small cell lung cancer6

Clinical use

To be tested2


Afrikaans, Austrian German, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French (Canadian, French), German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Luganda, Malay, Nobele, Portuguese, Shona, Spanish, Swedish, Thai


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Date of information

May 1999

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