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Integrated Therapeutics Group - Asthma Short Form (ITG-ASF)

Name of questionnaire

Integrated Therapeutics Group - Asthma Short Form (TG-ASF)


Disease-specific, self report functional health questionnaire designed for chronic asthma patients.


MS Bayliss, DM Espindle, D Buchner, MS Blaiss, JE Ware


QualityMetric Incorporated
640 George Washington Highway
Lincoln, RI 02865, USA

Phone Number

(401) 334-8800

Web Site

Cost & availability

Contact QualityMetric for information on use.


Self administered; reading level grade 4.8

Time to complete

Not reported

Number of items


Domains & categories

5 domains plus total score

Name of categories/domains

Symptom-free index (5 items), functioning with asthma (5 items), psychosocial impact of asthma (3 items), asthma energy (1 item), asthma-confidence in health (1 item) plus total score

Scaling of items

5-point Likert-type scale: not at all, mildly, moderately, severely, very severely


Items within scales are summed and linearly transformed from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating better functioning


  • Test-retest/reproducibility: Not Reported
  • Internal consistency: Reported1


Demonstrated hypothesized correlations with HRQL measures (scales of SF-36 and AQLQ-Marks), asthma severity (as defined by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program), and number of missed work days.1


Responsive to 8-week change in FEV1% predicted, 1-year change in asthma severity, and number of workdays missed in past month.1

Research use

Not reported

Clinical use

Not reported


Original: English

Translations: Spanish and Chinese-American in progress


  1. Bayliss MS, Espindle DM, Buchner D, Blaiss MS, Ware JE. A new tool for monitoring asthma outcomes: the ITG Asthma Short Form. Qual Life Res 2000;9:451-466.

Date of information

December 2001

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