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Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire

Name of Questionnaire

Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire


Patient self-assessment of how heart failure affects his or her daily life


Thomas Rector Ph.D.


Cost & availability

License Agreement and fee required by Univerisy of Minnesota. Contact for more information



Time to complete

Long: 5-10 minutes

Number of items


Domains & categories (#)

Content reflects most frequent and important ways heart failure affects patients' lives. Overall score with 2 (physical and emotional) dimensions designed to describe two important aspects to quality of life

Scaling of items

All items same 0 to 5 Likert scale


Sum of item responses for total and dimension scores


  • Test-retest/reproducibility: r = 0.871,2
  • Internal consistency: Chronbach's alpha for all items = 0.921,3,4


Content: Reported 5
Conruct: Correlates with other measures according to degree of conceptual overlap.3,4,6,7 See Overview at for more information

Minimally important difference

5 points on total score. 8 Estimated standard error of the measure is 6-7 points. See Overview at for more information about interpreting scores.


Randomized controlled trials have detected significant effects of ACE inhibitors, positive inotropic agents, cardiac resynchronization, exercise training and disease management programs. See Overview at for more information and references.

Research use

Used in numerous clinical trials and evaluations. See Overview at


Original English (US), translated into over 30 languages. See
Reading Level: Not reported


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Date of information

July 2004

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