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Pediatric Asthma Caregiver's Quality of Life Questionnaire

Name of Questionnaire

Pediatric Asthma Caregiver's Quality of Life Questionnaire (PACQLQ)


The PACQLQ is designed to measure the limitations and anxieties faced by caregivers of children with asthma.


EF Juniper, GH Guyatt, DH Feeny, PJ Ferrie, LE Griffith, M Townsend


Elizabeth Juniper MCSP Msc
20 Marcuse Fields
Bosham, West Sussex
PO18 8NA, England
Tel: +44 1243 572124; Fax: +44 1243 573680


Cost & availability

Contact E Juniper for permission and information.



Time to complete

Not reported

Number of items


Domains & categories


Name of categories/domains

Activity limitations (4 items), emotional function (9 items)

Scaling of items

7-point Likert scales, with 1 indicating severe impairment and 7 indicating no impairment


Domains scores are calculated as the mean score across items in that domain. The overall score is the mean score across all items. Higher scores indicate better quality of life.


a. Test-retest/reproducibility Reported 1
b. Internal consistency Not reported


Construct validity shown through moderate relationships between both PACQLQ domains and caregiver perception of change in child's asthma and clinical asthma control. Moderate to strong correlations were found between the PACQLQ and caregiver burden of illness 1 .


There were significant differences between scores (overall, both domains) of stable caregivers and those whose HRQL changed between assessments (p=0.0003) 1 .

Minimally important difference

A change of 0.5 in a domain or total score is considered clinically important.

Research use

Not reported.

Clinical use

Not reported.


Original: English (Canada)

More than 30 translations are available; please see Professor Juniper's website for a complete list.


Sample size estimates are included, based on the finding of a 0.5 change in score as clinically important.


  1. Juniper EF, Guyatt GH, Feeny DH, Ferrie PJ, Griffith LE, Townsend M. Measuring quality of life in the parents of children with asthma. Quality of Life Research 1996; 5: 27-34.

Date of information

March 1999

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